St. Joseph of Tarbes School, Kundoor (PO), 680734,Thrissur (Dt.) Kerala.

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St. Joseph of Tarbes School
About Us
About us
About St. Joseph of Tarbes School

How it can all began

The Congregation of the Sisters of St.Joseph of Tarbes was founded in the year 1843 by six young peasant girls who had a special experience of God, which urged them to live together a life of contemplation ,thus living in Communion ,they became sensitive to the needs of people around and respond enthusiastically to the call to educate children and care for the sick, poor and the needy and to undertake many other forms of service according to the needs of the people around them without any discrimination. Through the ages the Sisters persevered in their mission with faith in God, heroic courage and optimism even in moments of great difficulties, opposition and challenges.

The educational institutions of the Sisters of St.Joseph of Tarbes are inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and are guided by the socioeconomic and political goals enshrined in the Constitution of India. All our educational, vocational, technical institutions founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes have the same vision.


Rooted in the Love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we are called together, to be for God and to be for others, to live and build Communion in our Communities and in the world.

Full human effectiveness
To enable every student to become the person she/he is meant to be. To inculcate in every student a sense of values, leading her/him to the ultimate REALITY-GOD.
Enlightened Commitment
To lead every student to Christian love and service. To help every student to become an agent of justice and peace.
The institution
To build an academic community where knowledge and applications are Learnt, enquiry and research are promoted.
A community of learners
To make the institution a centre for human, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and integrated formation.
Our fundamental options
To make education available, to the poorer sections of the neighbourhood and for those who seek admissions in our institutions.
Our Mission

To mould young individuals, to be intellectually enlightened, morally upright, spiritually inspired and socially committed people, emotionally balanced, skill-based youth to serve the society in the twenty first century.

Our Vision

To enable the students to be agents of COMMUNION in society which will promote love, peace and justice.

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