St. Joseph of Tarbes School, Kundoor (PO), 680734,Thrissur (Dt.) Kerala.

Affliated to CBSE, Delhi, Affliation No.931401

St. Joseph of Tarbes School

The School follows C.B.S.E curriculum, in the matters of Admission, Text books (NCERT), Examination, Scheme of Studies, Attendance and other relevant matters the School ensures very strict adherence to C.B.S.E Curriculum, Bye Laws, and Guidelines. Under Subjects of Studies, the School offers three languages, viz, English, Hindi and Malayalam. The learning areas also include Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Work Education, Art Education, Physical Education, Music, Chess, Karate and Dance. The School has made value education a compulsory subject for all, to instill in students moral values and to develop National Integrity.


Education for all has now been regarded as the international target, and a national challenge for India for true empowerment and democratization. Therefore, St.Joseph of Tarbes CBSE School with an open mind takes up the challenge to spread the equal opportunity of wholistic education to economically backward students as well as students with an average intellectual capacity. Our motto is to set a suitable platform for these mixed groups to dig out their hidden resource. Thus, we attempt to equip ourselves with proficient and skillful teaching staff and non-teaching staff. We have adapted a new evaluation system named CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) which aims at the overall development of every child.


Examinations and unit test are compulsory for all students. The details of examinations and unit tests for Classes I to VIII are already given under C C E.


The results of the examinations published are final. Parents and guardians are not expected to dictate terms to School Authorities regarding their child's promotion or detention which is decided on the performance of the child following strictly the guidelines of the C.B.S.E. The decision of the Principal with regard to promotion after the annual examination will be final.

Co - curricular  Activities
  • Besides the School curriculum, great importance is also attached to the Co-curricular activities such as the Inter House Competitions in games, dramatics, debates, music, dance, painting, sports and creative SUPW projects etc. Within the school the competitive items lead to the Annual Sports and the cultural items with the Annual Concert.
  • Children selected for dramatics, elocution debates, art-craft, essay-story competitions and SUPW projects must willingly make time for such school activities.
  • Participation in games, physical training is compulsory. Students should make time to attend the practice sessions.
  • Students will be allotted Houses to have intramural house-wise league competitions. They will be placed in appropriate Division. Each competitive meet will carry points for the House and House totaling highest number of points will win the honours.
Rules and Regulations of The School
  • Every student must bring the school diary to the class daily.
  • It is compulsory to speak English in the school.
  • Silence within the classrooms and outside the class-rooms when it is necessary is very much encouraged for students self- discipline.
  • When the child is sick, either suffering from fever or any other aliments. she/he has to be kept back at home. This will avoid anxiety at school.
  • Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be admitted in class. They ought to be kept at home, even during the examinations.
  • Any kind of damage done to the school property will have to be made good.
  • Under no circumstances shall a student , once she/he answers the roll leave the school premises without the permission of the principal till the end of the session.
  • See that your children devote sufficient time everyday at home, for learning their daily lessons and do their home work.
  • To meet any teacher before or after class hours and not during class but are expected to meet the class teacher or the Principal when they are asked to come on the day and time fixed.
  • The school will not be responsible for gold ornaments if they are lost.
  • Leave the school premises after leaving your children before the school assembly commences. Kindly avoid entering the class-rooms.
  • On school functions attendance is compulsory.
  • Look into the school diary every evening and see that the lessons and home work assigned for the next day done. Remarks made by the principal or teacher has to be signed.
  • Do co-operate with the school in the observation of all the rules. You are also asked to take interest in the school activities and guide your children’s study and to follow their behaviour and progress in the school.
  • Whenever there is a change of address or telephone numbers, please correct it in your child’s calendar in order to have a proper contact with school and home.
  • The receipts issued by the school office for payment of school fees, other charges etc. should be produced whenever they are asked for.
  • The medium of the school in English and as such every pupil must speak English in the school campus. Everyone shall make a serious and determined effort to speak English both inside and outside the class.


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