St. Joseph of Tarbes School, Kundoor (PO), 680734,Thrissur (Dt.) Kerala.

Affliated to CBSE, Delhi, Affliation No.931401

St. Joseph of Tarbes School
Principal’s Message

We believe all children can bloom into outstanding and perfect adults if they are given the right start in life. Our policy is to activate students’ potential to the maximum, educate for life, service and live in the society successfully.

St. Joseph of Tarbes’ Family aims at quality education, providing each child with thought and feeling, eagerness to share and to be capable of looking into nobler things in life.

We focus a healthy, wealthy and wise generation of responsible citizens with nobler values, love for the nation and their fellow human beings to serve and lead them for a bright future.

Every effort is made to keep the fees as affordable as possible for the poor. Scholarships and concessions are available to the needy and deserving students. The school organizes celebrations, activities etc. to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Our extracurricular activities bring team spirit, enthusiasm, creativity, friendship and joyfulness in growing together.

May god bless all our effort in building the future of our nation.

Sr.Deepthi Kalapurakkal


Manager’s Message

Academic excellence is one of the indicators of the intellectual growth and maturity of the students. In fact, the growth and maturity of the students in human, social and spiritual field is of greater importance to the well being of the Society at last and to building up of our nation. The curricular, co-curricular, activities and games and sports in the school are to be so blended as to yield the expected results, namely well balanced, mature and responsible human being who is able to contribute to the well being of our human society. I do know that St. Joseph of Tarbes School takes immense care of its students in every possible way.

I want to congratulate the Principal, Staff and students of the school, on the wonderful performance in academic and non-academic fields. I want to wish you, all the best for all your endeavours and undertaking. Let St. Joseph of Tarbes School grow each day and become one of the best institutions.

Sr. Anies


Message to Parents

Dear Parents / Guardians,

All the beginning of the school year, let me request you to give us your full cooperation in the education of your child. For the best result, all three of us concerned – yourself, your child and the school – must work together. The school attaches great importance to building sound character in pupils. , Therefore, you are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by:-

  • Making the child understand that a well ordered and disciplined way of life is an important at home as in school.
    a. By seeing that your child prepares his/her lessons daily.
    b. By taking an active interest in the activities of the school. However, the Principal, has the right to say on what condition he will admit or retain a student in the school.
  • You are strongly advised to supervise the dress and private study of your child home. In this, you will be guided by the periodic reports sent to you by the school. You should sign all the reports and notes sent to you in order to show that you have seen the remarks. You should come to collect reports whenever called to do so.
  • You child is expected to take good care of his / her personal belongings, books, blazers, cardigans etc. and they should be clearly and indelibly marked with his/her name and class. The school is not responsible for good or money lost in the school. We also discourage bringing valuables to the school.
  • You should bear in mind that any school certificate would be a true copy of the school records As regards a student’s conduct in and out of class ,his/her application and progress in studies games etc. under no circumstances, therefore the school authorities will issue a certificate different from what is vouched for by the school records.
  • You or any other person authorized by you, will not be allowed to visit your child ward or any student or meet his/her teacher during school hours without the written permission of the principal.
  • You shall however meet all the teachers on every parent teacher meeting (PTM) days. (8:00 – 11:00) in summer and 9:00 – 12:00 noon in winter). The records of all such meetings will be recorded in the progress report at the end of each term.
  • Your child may be required to take part in various school activities as and when required. Participation by your child will be deemed compulsory since such activities from part of our curriculum and they are of paramount importance to the total personality development of your child. The expenses of such activities are to be met by the parents unless it is told otherwise.
  • Please note that expect for serious reason your son /daughter will not be allowed to leave school once he/she is marked as “present”. No child will be sent home during the school hours without the written application of the parents, and authorized persons accompanying the student. Please inform the absence of your child in the morning before the school time.
  • On days of examination students are to be present in the school. Under no circumstance examinations will be conducted separately for any child either before or after the fixe schedule.


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